Water Management & Irrigation Systems

A properly designed irrigation system will actually save you money and conserve the most precious water resource while keeping your greenery and landscape looking beautiful and healthy. Tornado Total Landscape provides proper installation and maintenance of landscape irrigation networks to ensure continued vitality of your greenery. Our Irrigation considers the harsh Middle East climates, sun, shade, slope, and soil, Evapo-Transpiration and type of plants to be irrigated.  


Furthermore, Tornado Total Landscape installs both private and public irrigation network systems including sports fields using only the latest Innovated irrigation devices in the world. Whether your requirement is a simple irrigation system or a sophisticated automatic centralized irrigation system, our highly experienced team will install it for you.


For years Tornado Total Landscape has been installing different types of Irrigation Network Systems such as Sprinkler Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Bubbler Irrigation and Sub Surface Irrigation.


In addition to the Irrigation Network Systems, Tornado Total Landscape has been installing different types of Irrigation Sensors such as Flow Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Weather Station, Rain Sensor, and Wind Sensor.