Tornado Water Treatment as one of the leading providers of water treatment services in UAE provides services and solutions for all aspects of water treatment needs.


Tornado Water Treatment in order to meet Client’s exact requirements focuses into 2 sections: Water & Waste Water Treatment Project & Water Treatment Chemicals & Equipment.


Water & Waste Treatment Projects specializes on design, fabrication, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of various seawater, brackish, and standard reverse osmosis system of different sizes for different purposes. Also offered is the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning for waste water treatment plants as per Client’s requirements and in compliance to all government’s environmental laws. This section’s expertise includes Recycling of Treated Sewage Effluent, to live with the Company’s environmental commitment to save water by recycling at the same time offered the recycled water at Client’s required water parameters at much lower cost.


Water Treatment Chemicals and Equipment specializes on supplying extensive range of water treatment chemicals and dosage equipment to prevent the combined problems of corrosion, scale, bio fouling and suspended solids among others. The treatment programs for cooling water, boiler water, domestic/potable, reverse osmosis, pretreatment plants, hot water, disinfection, sterilization, chlorination and etc. are keenly prepared based on standard requirements and Client’s specification. Our offer includes regular visits and servicing the system to ensure a fully operational and effective system to the Client. Also offered from this section are ion exchange resin, activated carbon, filters, softeners, UV sterilizers and others as specifically required by Client.


Tornado Water Treatment has developed a long track record of delivering high quality and cost-effective engineering solutions. Our success has been achieved with the help of leading-edge technology and people who are experts in their fields. Consequently, our volume of repeat commissions, contract renewals and referrals from our satisfied clients reflects the high esteem for our services.


Tornado Water Treatment continues to be the in the forefront of innovation, both in the development of new services and practices, as well as the creation of new water treatment products to serve the industrial and commercial sectors.