Core Values

Our core values are the framework that shape Tornado Group each day. Whether in the office or out on a jobsite, our core values are the embodiment of how we conduct business. As Tornado Group continues to grow and our volume of work evolves, these core values remain timeless, providing a solid foundation for future success. Simply put, they represent who we are.



Everyone goes home safely at the end of each day.

We passionately engage everyone to make wise decisions for their life, family, legacy, and the lives of others.


Operational Excellence

Outstanding delivery of quality facilities.

We provide exceptional execution of operations to ensure safe, timely, cost-effective, and quality performance on every project.



Protecting our most valuable resources.

We faithfully shepherd the resources entrusted to us, always mindful of our responsibility to our people, partners, and community.



Be dedicated and true to our employees, clients, and partners.

We approach all decisions and stakeholders with long-term relationships in mind.



Be honest, respectful, and base actions upon values. We do what is ethical above all else; our moral compass will not waver.

We continually seek to earn and build trust in our actions and words, knowing “Reputation is Everything”



Value creativity and challenges to the norm. We encourage and reward invention.

We challenge ourselves to seek creative solutions, learn from our outcomes, and pioneer advancements.