Quality Policy

Tornado Group is committed to meeting the highest levels of quality in all its business activities. Tornado Group aims to practice and promote the highest quality standards in all business units and on all projects. We will not compromise our commitment to meet the clients' requirements; We deliver exceptional service and identify and eliminate all unnecessary quality-related costs.



  • Meet or exceed the expectation of our customers
  • Systematically eliminate abortive work in all workplaces
  • Continually improve our performance through regular reviews


It is a requirement that good quality management is a primary consideration for each business unit and that all operations carried out to the highest standards.


Within a corporate framework for quality management, each business unit of Tornado is required to:

  • Maintain quality management systems meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and continually improve our performance
  • Ensure the integrity and appropriateness of quality inspection and testing activities to ensure free and honest reporting
  • Set and achieve clearly defined annual quality objectives
  • Provide all necessary information, training and supervision to all its personnel and sub-contractors


It is a requirement that all employees:

  • Are made aware of their individual responsibilities in relation to quality
  • Implement this policy
  • Promote our quality management system to sub-contractors, suppliers, customers, and the communities associated with our business


Quality Objectives

  • To produce a quality product and ultimately provide customer and end-user satisfaction. This will be achieved by measuring work trends, non-conformities, customer complaints and commitment.
  • Ensure free and honest reporting of quality.
  • To achieve the programme target for completion by monitoring performance with regard to identified milestones and productivity.
  • To complete on budget cost. Reporting costs against budget to monitor project margins and forecasting total project cost with costs to complete will be the key performance measure.


Project Quality Policy

  • To establish, implement and maintain an efficient and effective quality management system that achieves the quality objectives, meets contractual and project requirements and complies with ISO 9001:2015.
  • To implement by all project personnel and subcontractors the quality management system on all activities and operations that affect the quality of the product and services provided under the contract and eliminate all unnecessary quality related costs.
  • To review and monitor the project quality management system at regular intervals throughout the project execution to improve the system, monitor and correct any adverse trends by taking necessary corrective and preventive action.


On behalf of Tornado Group, the undersigned makes a commitment to the above Quality Policies and Quality Objectives.



Akram Salameh
Chief Executive Officer